I knew I wanted to run. At 5 years old, my first race was against my father. He was smiling, laughing, cheering me on. He let me win. From that day forward, I thought I was the fastest man on earth.

Thanks to him, fitness was second nature to me. It was important. It was a priority. But life took a turn, and my attention to health and fitness fell by the wayside. A career in the restaurant industry took over. I felt empty.

So, I made a choice. A gym. There were no tracks or fields. No runners. No father to cheer me on or let me win. So I started from scratch.

I made friends. Bodybuilders. I felt like I was part of a team. They held me accountable, motivated me, pushed me. I began to love myself again. I was changing.

The more I trained, the more I wanted to help my friends, family, and others experience this change. I studied. I worked hard. I became a fitness professional.

My journey as a trainer began at Equinox. I met wonderful clients, made great friends, and honed my approach as a personal trainer. After a year and a half, I broke the record for the most training sessions completed in a given month. I was thriving. But I wanted more.

On November 15, 2016, I made another choice by starting my own personal training business. No longer confined to a gym, I am free to be a part of your team. Whatever your goals, I can deliver. I will motivate you. I will push you. I will cheer you on. And I will lead by example with a smile... every time!

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